About MidKnight Glass

"Success is not a destination, it's a journey"
   -Zig Ziglar

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jason Knight , I am the founder of MidKnight Glass. I thought you might be interested to learn a little bit about us & how we got started so here's a brief summary of our story:

I began blowing glass in a small shed behind my home in June of 2001. By the end of that year I found work with Cascade Glass here in Eugene who helped to distribute my glass to stores across the US. Not too long later they went out of business & I looked for work elsewhere. I worked with several distributors over the years including The Crush, Treetop, Cornerstone & Atlantis which really helped me become efficient & refine my skills. 

My wife Nykki became more involved in 2004 and we started marketing to smokeshops ourselves. At that point I was able to branch out further and start making some more artistic pieces that really took advantage of the techniques I had learned. Business went well and I moved into a home with a larger shop and started offering glass by some of my friends to shops as well. In the process I met other blowers that helped & inspired me to push my skills further. 

In 2010 we ventured into the online world of retail sales, first with an Etsy shop, then shortly afterward we launched www.MidKnightGlass.com. I've been very happy with the results. It has allowed me to get my work directly to the people who will be enjoying it and therefore explore an even wider variety of what glass can offer while getting direct feedback and appreciation for my work. Our site has also given us the opportunity to offer work by other artists, helping them out and giving you an even better selection of unique styles & pieces to choose from.

Thanks to this wonderful art and the community who support it my wife & I have been able to support our family while working from home doing what we love. We're so grateful to all those who have supported us along our way! Thank You!!!

Due to a high volume of orders please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of any items not marked "Ready to Ship".